Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Summer Lilies, Good Housing Keeping Kit Week 4, 16 March

Week 1, 16 Feb 2017
Hello another new project on the go only a medium size. Summer Lilies, Good Housing Keeping Kit a birthday present a few years ago from a friend. 

I started this last week at the craft group I go to so only going to be stitching this there. Gives me another project other than my christmas inn.

Not bad going for a couple of hours work

Week 2,  23 Feb 2017

Another couple of hours work done this week at the craft group.

Love how this is looking so much better than the photo on the front of the kit, standing out so much. Coming on really quick.



Week 3,  9 March

More done on the lilies.

The more I get done it comes to life so bright and colourful didnt think I would like stitching this but I am.

Week 4, 16 March

Getting there with the lilies, main lily nearly done just a few more stitches, on with smaller lilies this week.

Finding the colours so bright and stunning.

Planning to complete this by the end of the month.

I hope you enjoy following me on this as well as the christams inn which I havent done any for a few weeks hoping to get some done this week.

Up date soon 

Friday, 17 February 2017

Christmas Inn John Clayton Kit Week 4

Week 1, 6  to 9 Feb 2017
Hello and Welcome, Christmas Inn by John Clayton heritage crafts.

I won this from Cross Stitch Gold facebook page at christmas time was really pleased as I have never won the give aways before.

So I have started this last week, using the same colours but one thread mixed with another thread six different stitches but the same shade.

Week 2, 13 to 18 Feb 2017

Another week and still on the same shades of blue, grey colour.

When you look doesnt look like I have done much. Is coming to life.

Love how it is coming on

Keep looking will up date each week.

Happy stitching everyone


Week 3, 21 to 26 Feb 2017

Another week and still on the same shades the tress. Still some trees to do.

Next is the sky which is just the same colour but at least I dont have to keep changing threads.


Week 4, 28 Feb to 5 March

One side nearly done still on the same blues shades.

Finding the trees stand out more in the photo may be its Im seeing blues after stitching who knows 

I hope you are enjoying seeing this progress

Love how it is coming on

Keep looking will up date each week.

Happy stitching everyone

2017 New Year

New look to my page. Sorry I haven't been posting on here for a year or so but I have been posting on facebook more under the same name going to try and keep up date with the both now.

My craft and art plans for 2017 are

Cross Stitch
  • Christmas Inn Kit, John Clayton Heritage Crafts, started Feb 2017
  • Epytian Pair Kit, Janlynn, Started King Tut started April 2016 WIP
  • Desk Top Calender, Joan Elliott free with WOSC, Started  Jan 2016 have done Jan to April WIP
  • New Calender for this year to start still looking if someone can help  
  • Summer Lilies, Good Housing Keeping Kit, Started Feb 2017
  • Blackwork Chart or kit 
  • Birthday Cards
  • Easter Cards
  • Christmas Cards 
  • Christmas Stocking   

  • Freestyle item again still looking 
  • Snowflakes which I am making to selling I started making these last year.
  • Angels
  • Watercolour Pictures
  • Watercolour Cards
  • Drawing

  • Tweed Bunnies, Hearts
  • Felting
Please keep looking as I might just added some more to the list.

Thank you for reading

Monday, 10 August 2015

Kingfisher July to Aug Completed

Sorry I have not posted with updates on the kingfisher have taken some photos. So you can see the progress I went to stitch this lovely wonderful bird.
I have had the privilege to see twice in my life and both of these times were in Bingley on the Leeds to Liverpool Canal.  He will also be my first cross stitch I am stitching for myself. Seem to stitch for other people than thinking what I would like.      
When I was marking my chart I drop my pencil on him just near the branch. As this mark wouldn't come out I added the extra small branch just near his tail feather
Time for Lilly pads stitching so many colours in one small area

Getting stuck into stitching him now,but there is french knots coming up and lots of them

Sadly I was getting into stitching him and forgot to take anymore photos after this one.
The only vice was the back stitching was really hard to do but I think I have just about got a hang of french knots ( which I was not keen on doing before) but I forced myself to do them. They do make a difference to the stitching I would usually use beads Im really please with myself on the french knots 

Up date Jan 2017
Since then I have changed the frame he is in after coming 2nd at Dalston Show in 2016 and in 2016 he came second again at Bingley show so pleased for him makes him very special.    

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Kingfisher 16 to 17 June

16 Tuesday June

Only got round to stitching two days last week on my kingfisher so here he is.
17 Wednesday June

Loving the colours for him makes him really stand out

Also did this as well this week some needle felting

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Kingfisher 9 to 11 June

I have be able to stitch some more on my wonderful kingfisher. I entered him on the WIP of the week on World Of Cross Stitching facebook page ok he never won but they did posted the below comment on him fame at last.

Tuesday 9 June
Wednesday 10 June
Thursday 11 June
Thank you to everyone who seems to be liking him has given me some confidence in getting him done hopefully in time for a show.